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Alphabet Dimension, Lda. Was born in October of 2015 as a result of a process of growth in the business of developing small programs developed in VBA under the brand LA INNOVATIS, a business that began in January 2014.

Underpinning this project was the passion for the development of internal work tools in the companies in which both partners worked (PwC and Parfois), the constant improvement of internal processes of their companies and the will to spread the innovation that they created to the fabric business. Since its inception, the growth process has been constant, with the development of new solutions for each new customer and the creation of synergies that have benefited each new customer. Because we are in permanent contact with different businesses, there is in all our works a process of diffusion of technology that we inherited from the accumulated experience.


At Alphabet Dimension, we want to make our customers more competitive and more profitable, whether in the local or international market.

The growth of our customers is our greatest pride and it is the reason why many customers do not stay for a first job.

We want to grow as a tailor-made solution development company and to be part of the relaunch of Portuguese companies.

Message from Direction

Innovating is the best guarantee of staying alive in an increasingly competitive world where technology is the reason for the disparities in business growth rates.

It is often necessary to stop to rethink the way we work. Often small solutions make a huge difference in our productivity and quality of life.

An application, a database, a simple integration between two software can represent the saving of many hours of work, which in addition to time, is money that is losing. We know that it is often not easy to get a clear sense of cost-benefit, since we are comparing the price of developing a piece of code, which we call software, with future returns that we do not always attach to technology or marketing .

We know that investment decisions are sometimes difficult to make, so we cultivate a culture of valuing the resources employed by our clients. Not always investing in improving a small step is profitable if the cost of development is higher. The benefit of the investment should always outweigh the cost.