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Some of our solutions

We present you some VBA apps we built to our clients:

CRMs for Vodafone e MEO telecom agents

Main features of the app:

- Contact and task management;

- Clients database;

- Registration of contracts and commissions (receivable and payable);

- Reconciliation of commissions received from the operator;

- Reports of global and commercial activity;

Real Estate Appraisal Templates

- Development of multi-typology and multi-fraction real estate valuation models.

- Development of application for automatic updating of templates and export to PDF.

Database of real estate appraisals and workflow management

Development of an evaluation process monitoring system through an Excel Add-in + MySQL Database.

It allows close monitoring of the state of the various processes by the supervisor and produces necessary reporting information to the regulator.

Robots to query web portals

Development of applications for automated consultation of data available in real estate portals and public databases.

Manufacturing Orders Control Dashboard

Application that queries the pending manufacturing orders in each production center and performs a daily planning based on objectives.

Application for billing management

Development of application for calculation of billable values ​​of a Remote Ticketing Center

Tax declarations in XML

Development of applications to generate XML files with tax information related to:

- Requests for refund of VAT between member states;

- VAT declarations from foreign countries;

- Financial reporting for State;